Friday, December 28, 2007

The Gold-Threaded Dress

Oy, a Thai girl who immigrated with her family to America at an early age, is having trouble fitting in at her new school. Everyone is making fun of her Thai background, and she has no friends whatsoever. But then Oy gets her key to becoming friends with Liliandra and her friends, who have their own private clubhouse and club at recess, "members only". Liliandra and her friends agree that Oy may join their club-but only if she brings in her most prized possession for them all to try-a beautiful, gold-threaded and pink dress that her grandmother back in Thailand had created for her. Oy must risk giving up the values and ethics of her family in order to make some friends in this strange new country, but will she make her decision based on the family she has known, loved, and lived with for her whole life, or possible friends whom she hardly knows?
Although this book is a sweet and cute book that teaches children ages 7-9 the importance of your background and family's culture, it is simple and short (at 73 pages long). But have a little brother or sister who wants to read just like you? Hand them this wonderful book by successful author Carolyn Marsden!

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