Monday, December 31, 2007

Twitches Too

Fabulous witch twins Alex and Camryn (Tia and Tamera Mowry) are back in this thrilling sequel to Disney's popular 2005 flick Twitches. In the former movie, the two girls, who had been separated at birth by forces of darkness, find that they are identical twins and begin their training to defeat the darkness, including their evil uncle, Thantos, from the Shadowlands, who had killed their father the day that these two girls were born. Now, the girls think that everything is A-OK in the land of Conventry. But, as their mother knows, the forces of darkness are gaining more and more power, and soon Thantos will be back. This time, the evil uncle only has one goal: to kill of Alex and Camryn once and for all!
   These two fab twitches will have to perform a spell to kill off all memories of Shadowland forever. But while Cam agrees, Alex refuses. Because if they kill all in Shadowlands, that includes their father, too......Can the girls defeat the darkness once and for all and find their father? This is a five star movie! RATED PG

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