Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Secret Apartment

The Secret Apartment by Natalie Fast is a funny story of mystery and intrigue that girls ages 9-12 will adore. 
Jillian has to move with her mom to New York City so they can live with Jillian's new stepdad and evil stepsister. On top of that, Jillian's forced to attend a stupid day camp full of hippie counselors, and she has no friends whatsoever. While cat-sitting for her exotic and fun new neighbor with her brand-new friend Emily, she notices something queer going on in the apartment across the street from her new building. And does it have to do with a creepy cheese man from the chic grocery store Kaputsa's? But more importantly, can Jillian and Emily save the day before it's too late? This is a five star, must-read novel!

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