Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Time to Smell the Roses

Ready for a quick weekend read? Then Michael Hoeye's "Time to Smell the Roses" is perfect for you. In the fourth book of the wildly popular Hermux Tantamoq Adventures series, Hermux is encountering a missing heir to a rose dynasty, a sassy runaway, and an ultra-dangerous business tycoon named Tucka Mertslin (readers will recognize this infamous character from previous adventures). What do all of these different characters have in common? Hermux has a hunch: could they all be related to the body that has washed up recently on the beach in the ultra-chic seaside community of Thorny End? Hermux sets out to uncover this mystery. Somebody's poisoned the fields of a famous perfume-maker who creates delicious aromas out of premium rose oil, only to be found in a special type of rose. And now they're all gone! To find out who did it, Hermux will have to battle evilly mad scientists and killer insects that include gigantic bees ad freakishly large black widow spiders. As Hermux, fiancee Linka, and pet ladybug Terfle try to figure out the who-done-it (and stay out of danger--which is very hard), they must all come to the conclusion that it's finally time to smell the roses. This book is an extremely quick read (Bookworm devoured its 273 pages in one day), but it is worth it. Michael Hoeye has created a novel that is more satisfying than the sweetest smelling rose.

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