Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Clique: Best Friends for Never

The Clique is back in this second book in the series by Lisi Harrison, and this time the Clique is B-U-S-Y. Massie, in order to stay at the top, is having a boy/girl Halloween party at her house just in time for the holiday. She must make it perfect, or else her status as Queen Bee might just slip! Dylan and Kristen and fighting over the same boy's attention, and Alicia is slowly (but surely) breaking off from Massie's group to form a clique of her own with Olivia, a fellow OCD student. And Claire Lyons, the outcast, is still fighting to be in the clique. This time, the Clique is breaking apart for a fashion show, a party, and boy issues.......will Claire finally get her chance to be "in" with the Clique? Readers will LOVE this second installment in the oh-so-popular and ah-mazing Clique series!

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