Friday, December 7, 2007

The Clique

The Clique is a fun and fast-paced novel by talented writer Lisi Harrison. Harrison writes with a distinct and fun style, which makes the Clique books so great! 
The first book is called The Clique. Massie Block, Dylan Marvil, Alicia Rivera, and Kristen Gregory rule the exclusive Octavian Country Day school. These elite seventh graders are the most popular, the prettiest, and the best. Everyone wants to be just like them! Enter Claire Lyons, the daughter of one of Massie's friends. She'll be staying at the Block's house while her family tries to relocate after a long move from Orlando, Florida, to where the Blocks live in the exclusive town of Westchester, New York. Claire is more "out" then last season's Marc Jacobs bag. But with a little luck and a lot of scheming, Claire might just stand a chance.


Marissa LeMott said...

OMG I absolutely loooooooove the Clique books! They are so funny and awesome. I totally love Alicia! She is awesome! You seriously have to read all of the books!
Your #1 Clique Fan,
Marissa LeMott

Kimberly K. said...

I disagree. I think that these books are "bubble gum" books--light, airheaded reads for less talented readers. It's my opinion, but i'm not a big fan of the "mean girl" books--there are enough mean girls in the world already, and i don't find it funny to read about this kind of girl. In my free time, i want to spend time with my friends or read a decent, realistic, or more serious book!

Bookworm said...

Hello readers!
Wow! We've got a bunch of opinions under the post about the popular "Clique" books. Thank you, Kimberly, Marissa, and Willa. Your opinion matters to us here at Bookworm Readers!
Keep on writing and reading!

Jaime Pierce said...

I've read ALL of the Clique books and I absolutely ADORE them! They are soooo funny and really good, too. And the 9th one, Bratfest at Tiffany's just came out! Yayayayayay!