Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Meet Shawn, Peichi, Amanda, Molly, and Natasha. Although they are all very different, the girls are best friends and all have the same love for one thing: cooking. After their local cooking class ends, the young entrepreneurs have a mastermind idea: they should have their own cooking business! They can have fun and make some money! And so they start their business, naming it Dish. But little do they know, having a business is harder than it looks.....Read along with these five friends as they encounter fun as well as problems along the way! A series of 12.
 by Diane Muldrow is imaginative and fun. Girls ages 9-12 will love these awesome books!


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Bookworm said...

Hey Evelyn!
Thanks for your review! I agree, the Dish books totally rock. And, as a matter of fact, I'm currently reading the 12th Dish book, "Deep Freeze". And, of course, I'll share my opinion with y'all, so stay tuned, and keep on reading!
Happy Holidays,