Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Julia Lefkowitz's best friend Ashleigh Rossi is an enthusiast. Ashleigh's always fascinated by a new trend-whether it be music or candy-making, medieval times or sailing. It's hard for Julie to keep up with Ashleigh's craze of the month! But, this time, Ashleigh has got her creative mind wrapped around something new-that is, Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice. Now she's trying to find the perfect Mr. Darcy for herself and Ashleigh, and she's going all out-whether it's sneaking into a boy's prep school or staking their claim at the local coffee shop, Ashleigh's not going to give up. But then both girls fall for the same Mr. Darcy. Will this ruin their friendship? And who will end up with which Darcy? What follows is a bizarre array of events: mysterious poetry pinned to a tree, preparation for a musical, and a whole lot of hidden feelings....
 Enthusiasm is a beautifully written story by Polly Shulman that you'll never want to end.  It is a true masterpiece that teen readers in grades 7-10 will cherish and love.

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Jenny Winter said...

Enthusiasm is a must-read for EVERY GIRL OUT THERE! It is sooooo sweet......I luuuuv Parr! Seriously, this is a 5 star book, so don't miss out!