Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Half Moon Ranch

Kirstie lives on a horse farm in the beautiful hills of the Colorado Rockies. Here, on her parent's farm, called Half Moon Ranch, danger, excitement, and adventure away! (Written by Jenny Oldfield).



Bookworm said...

Hello Readers! Below are listed a few reviews of the first few "Half Moon Ranch" books by Jenny Oldfield, submitted to me by various readers. Happy reading!

Lauren Tish said...

(book #1)
Kirstie finds a wild black stallion who is injured, but the next time she sees him he is bandaged and taken care of. Someone's treating him, but who is it? This book is exciting and super-good! Four and a half out of five stars is my rating!

Sofia Larson said...

When Kirstie's mom rescues a crazy and unruly horse named Rocky from a local rodeo, Kirstie is determined to tame this wild matter what! Funny and thrilling, horse lovers and readers of all ages will thoroughly enjoy "Rodeo Rocky".

Mandy Goldberg said...

Crazy Horse (#3)

Crazy Horse is wild and unruly while Cadillac is a fancy pedigree. Although these horses are different, they are the best of companions. So when they both go missing in the middle of the night, Kirstie is devastated. Why would these horse rustlers take Crazy Horse? Then she realizes that they must have used him to lure Cadillac away. Now, the thing is......can Kirstie find these two kidnapped horses before it's too late? Thrilling, exciting, and fast paced are all great and accurate words to describe this awesome book!