Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Harriet the Spy

Harriet is a spy. A real one, complete with a true spy route and a notebook where she records EVERYTHING she sees, even cruel descriptions of her classmates. But then the notebook falls into the wrong hands......can Harriet get her friends, life and notebook back? Discover this wonderful children's classic by Louise Fitzhugh before it was made into a hit movie....and loved by children across the nation.


annie wyatt said...

Dear Bookworm,
I love Harriet the Spy, and I read the "new adventures", too, by other authors. And, to tell the truth, I found them disappointing. I mean, it was so unlike Harriet! So, for all readers out there, I don't recommend the new books. It'll ruin the story!

booklovers forever!
-annie wyatt

Bookworm said...

Dear Annie,
Thanks for your comment! I agree, readers should stick with the original "Harriet" book. Do you think readers would enjoy the sequel by Louise Fitzhugh, "The Long Secret"?
Happy reading,

annie wyatt said...

Hi again,
Yes, I think readers would like 'the long secret'. although it's not the same, it's still the same old characters as from the first book. plus it's the same style of Louise Fitzhugh's writing. But it's hard to beat the first "harriet" book, it's so good!