Friday, December 28, 2007

Enola Holmes: The Case of the Left-Handed Lady

Enola Holmes (younger sister of Sherlock Holmes) is back in this sequel to the first book by Nancy Springer: Enola Holmes and the Case of the Missing Marquess. This time, Enola is trying to hide from her brother Sherlock, who is hunting her down. Although Enola will be lonely, she will have freedom, the one thing this high-spirited girl detective needs most. Along the way, Enola picks up a new case: the mysterious disappearance of Lady Cecily, who seemed to be kidnapped from her home one night. Now Enola must conquer a weird sales clerk, a dangeorus villain, murderous garrotters, vicious mesmerizers (hypnotists) and more in the dangerous streets of Victorian (1889) London while she tries to unravel Lady Cecily's disappearance and find her-hopefully, alive. This book was a major disappointment after the action-packed first book. The plot in confusing and the author uses old words from England that nobody recognizes or knows of anymore. To tell the truth, I couldn't wait to put down The Case of the Left-Handed Lady. Dull and without a climax, don't bother to pick up this book!

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