Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Girl Reporter

Welcome to middle schooler Casey's world. Casey is a spunky, lively, seventh grader who loves to write. And when a space is offered on her school newspaper staff, Casey jumps right at the ability to nag it. After all, Casey's always wanted to be a reporter! But who knew that along with deadlines, Casey would have to face a preppy editor-in-chief, sassy photographers, scoops that she'll have to get in a lot of trouble to uncover, a cheerleading scandal, digging up the dead, middle school conspiricies, and more--as well as the unthinkable for a busy girl reporter: friends and boys! This series, also called "Get Real!" by famed reporter Linda Ellerbee, is sure to be a favorite for girls who love to write!
Book #1: Girl Reporter Blows Lid Off Town!
Book #2: Girl Reporter Sinks School!
Book #3: Girl Reporter Stuck in Jam!
Book #4: Girl Reporter Snags Crush!
Book #5: Girl Reporter Digs Up Zombies!
Book #6: Girl Reporter Rocks Polls!
Book #7: Girl Reporter Gets the Skinny!
Book #8: Girl Reporter Bytes Back!

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